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SoeMac as an Alternative Therapy for Low Energy & Fatigue

Due to the complexity of fatigue conditions we’ve observed over time that SoeMac influences different people in different ways.

Here are our results:

Our users say that the amount of energy available to their bodies gradually increases as the SoeMac is used

What people say


“I purchased the SoeMac machine almost nine weeks ago after trawling the internet for any hope of a cure for my fatigue and lack of energy. I found myself over 17 years ago suddenly struck down by a very high fever and couldn’t get out of bed. My life consisted of a little work, eating, and not much sleep. Habitual sleeplessness was another symptom of my illness. Simple things like holding up a hair-dryer left me completely exhausted and in severe pain. Any exertion at all left me crippled with muscle pain too. Life was at this stage totally unbearable. The best way I could describe the fatigue was as if a bag of cement was tied to my ankles and wrists and absolutely any exertion became impossible.

When the SoeMac arrived, I lay in bed for 7 full days and nights with it on my bedside table, switched on 24 hours every day. After approximately 2 weeks suddenly I found I could get out of bed every day. My brain fog completely disappeared and I was “alive” for the first time in almost 18 years. My chronic fatigue went away as did all my muscle and joint pain. My “bags of cement” had completely gone. After almost 19 years it’s difficult to realise what a normal life actually is. But I know when I go to bed at night I fall asleep with my SoeMac and wake up 8 hours later totally refreshed and ready to face anything the day brings to me.

I have absolutely no effects – no fatigue, no aches, no brain fog and feel marvellous. I have a completely clear head and my memory has returned too. I look and feel years younger – what more can any woman ask for?!”

Angela Hepburn

“I suffer from a lack of energy, and I have recently returned from holiday in the Lake District, and I am pleased to report that I was able to venture out for some time every day, something I have not been able to do for several years, and which I can only attribute to the SoeMac. It will be interesting to see what happens after I have been using it for 60 days, as this is the time when I have crashed after improvements in the past.”