SoeMac energises the oxygen in your room which your body can safely use to help boost your body at the cellular level

Repair, regenerate and re-energise your body at the cellular level to optimise your health and enhance your quality of life with SoeMac

Small & Sleek

Designed to sit neatly on your bedside table, SoeMac draws normal ambient air inside and passes it through an internal catalyst unit. This consists of LEDโ€™s set at a specific wavelength, and a photo-sensitiser. Together, they create a gentle low-level red light, and a very mild whirring sound.

Users have found that, over time, they experience increased energy, less fatigue and relaxed breathing. Many users also find they snore less.

Simply plug-in and switch on, and run every night in your bedroom, near to where you sleep. All you have to do is breathe as normal; no mask or cannula is required.

Tested by Hospitals and Universities

SoeMac is currently the only home use Singlet Oxygen Energy device. For the last 20 years, this technology has only been available to users by means of very expensive, large machines, installed in hospitals and clinics, which rely on the use of a nasal cannula, or mask, to deliver the Oxygen Energy to the user.

SoeMac has been shown through research and testing in hospitals and universities, anecdotal studies and hundreds of user testimonials, to be of benefit to Users, and the first clinical trial is set to start in early 2022..ย 

The SoeMac is classed as a complimentary wellness product, and is not yet approved as a medical device, until such time as the testing and research is concluded to demonstrate clinical benefit and precise bio-chemistry of this process.

SoeMac & OxyActiv - Energy Partners

OxyActiv have partnered with Neil Stentiford from SOEHealth, the scientist behind SoeMac patented technology and will be working with him well into the future to continually improve upon the original design and function of SoeMac and to create a manufacturing facility here in Australia during 2022 under the OxyActiv brand.

We have a very limited number of original, home use SoeMac devices for sale or rent, after which we will bring in the same technology, under the OxyActiv brand name, made right here in Australia. This will help to keep costs as low as possible to help as many Aussies as possible experience the benefit of this remarkable breakthrough device in the comfort of their own home.

  • More Than a Breath of Fresh Air

    SoeMac works by energising the ambient air with nitric oxide, much like the natural power of photosynthesis when sunlight hits the chlorophyll in plants and the same chemical reaction takes place to release energy.

    Because of its high energy state, SOE is used in in many processes to speed things up, which is why itโ€™s often described as a natural source of extra energy.

    The unit itself does not produce oxygen or act as an air purifier.

  • Safe For Everyone

    SoeMac is non-invasive and safe for use wherever it is needed. Those with chronic conditions and illnesses that require other devices and medication for treatment and relief can use those safely in conjunction with the SoeMac.

    We have copious amounts of testimonials from relieved adults and carers of children who have trouble relaxing at night. Please check them out in our testimonials section

  • Easy to Use - Verifiable Results

    The SoeMac is a small micro air conditioning unit that is best placed on your bedside table each night. When switched on, it helps exchange the ambient oxygen in your room with a more energised version.

    When we breathe, our lungs inject oxygen into the bloodstream, and as blood flows around the body, the oxygen is carried to the cells, which use it as part of the process of producing a form of energy, known as ATP. This is used by the body for all sorts of activities and bodily functions, and is known as the bodyโ€™s energy currency.

    The better the oxygen you breathe, the better this energy can be utilised by your body.

The Science Bit

When the SoeMac is switched on, the molecules inside of the photo-sensitiser become excited, and when the airborne oxygen passes across their surfaces, the excitation energy is passed to the oxygen molecules, briefly changing their molecular structure from their usual stable state, to a singlet state, known as Singlet Oxygen Energy, or SOE. These oxygen molecules immediately revert to their normal passive state, but retain this extra energy in their molecular bonds.

It is this extra energy, combined with the oxygen molecules, that is so welcomed by the body.

SoeMac - Your Oxygen Energy Friend

โ€œAll chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level.โ€ Dr Arthur C. Guyton, M.D.

SoeMac - oxyactiv
  • Freedom to Move

    No need for nasal tubes, cannulas or face masks. Just breathe the ambient air of your room.

  • Quiet

    Only the gentle, barely audible whirr of the small fan drawing air into the device is heard.

  • Simple Switch On/Off

    Easy to set up and use. Simply plug in and press the on/off switch to operate.

  • Easy Care

    Gently suck out any built up dust from the fan and replace the filter as required. Extra filters are provided and we will send more as needed!


Regulations require us to advise that all product reviews, testimonials or endorsements of the SoeMac reflect the personal experiences of those individuals who have expressed their opinions. We share many of the user testimonials we receive from people who want to share their experience of using a SoeMac.

We are so, so happy with the SoeMac. Itโ€™s made the world of difference to Myaโ€™s sleep, so much more sound and brighter waking, more alert etc. We have had a rough couple of months with her as she has been diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy called Landau Kleffer. Dread to think where we would be now without the SoeMac, because it is really taking it out of her.

I got the SoeMac and within 5 weeks, I was out of bed living a normal life. I am 74 and am now as active as when I was in the Forces, in my twenties. My health is now as it should be

The SoeMac has definitely improved my son
Hashim's sleep . Also with better quality of sleep his challenging behaviour has decreased. No longer shredding clothes, swiping things off shelves and biting. He is very alert,, active but in a good way, more sociable and wants to interact . I would say this is definitely since using the SoeMac. Hashim and my husband who uses the machine feel very fresh in the morning and not grumpy as usual. Also hubby has noticed his mouth is not as dry and the phlegm he brings up in the morning is not there if sleeps with the machine

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